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The Port Authority Police Department is the only American police department to be attacked by foreign enemies

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  • Wake and Funeral information for NYPD Police Officer Wilbert Mora. 
#NYPD #NYCPBA #NYC #thesacrificecontinues #PAPD
  • Rest in Peace, NYPD Police Officer Wilbert Mora, E.O.W. 1/25/2022. Police Officer Mora was shot and gravely wounded on January 22, 2022, after responding to a domestic incident. During the same shooting, Police Officer Mora's partner Police Officer Jason Rivera was fatally shot. Wilbert, rest in the Lord's eternal embrace. Always Honored, Never Forgotten. 
#NYPD #NYCPBA #NYC #thesacrificecontinues #PAPD #PAPBA
  • On Friday the NYPD, the City of New York and Law Enforcement will stand in honor as a final salute is rendered to an American Hero, New York City Police Officer Jason Rivera. The NYC PBA respectfully asks for your support.
#NYPD #NYC #NYCPBA #thesacrificecontinues #HERO #PAPD #PAPBA
  • Rest in Peace New York City Police Officer Jason Rivera, E.O.W. 1/21/2022. Police Officer Rivera responded to a domestic dispute between a mother and son. The son fatally shot P.O. Rivera and gravely wounded his partner, Police Officer Wilbert Mora. Police Officer Rivera served with the NYPD since November 2020. Police Officer Rivera, a father and husband, was 22 years old. Jason, rest in the Lord's eternal embrace. Always Honored, Never Forgotten.