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The Port Authority Police Department is the only American police department to be attacked by foreign enemies

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  • The Port Authority Pipes and Drums has announced a memorial scholarship to honor the heroic actions of the three band members who perished at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.
Police Officers Liam Callahan, Steve Huczko and Richie Rodriguez were on duty and responded to the World Trade Center to assist with the evacuation and rescue of thousands of people in the Towers. Tragically, the officers were in the Towers when the Towers collapsed.
Through this scholarship the Band will honor these officers' selfless sacrifices and provide educational assistance for a student with a music background to follow a similar career path.
Further information may be obtained by visiting the Band's website,, click on Memorial for information and application.
The deadline for applying is April 12, 2019.
#PAPDPROTECTSNYNJ #PAPD #papdpipesanddrums
  • #TBT, Circa 1969, JFK Airport; Port Authority police officers assigned to the #PAPD Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) Unit conducting refresher training. The training then, as it is now, involves live fires, a Federal Aviation Administration requirement. Today the training is conducted at the PAPD Rescue Training Center (RTC) located at JFK Airport. The RTC uses computer operated aircraft mockups allowing PAPD ARFF police officers to fight exterior and interior aircraft fires and perform rescues. One training exercise involves police officers making entry into the mock aircraft to rescue passengers. During this exercise the ARFF police officer becomes surrounded by fire, challenging the police officer to develop an escape route for the officer and those being rescued. Not an easy job. The PAPD ARFF Unit is the nation's largest and busiest ARFF operation. #PAPDPROTECTSNYNJ #ARFF #jfkairport #PAPBA
  • The Port Authority Police Benevolent Association wishes all a Happy Valentine's Day. Please remember those who are missing their fallen military and law enforcement loved ones along with all the families waiting for the return of their deployed loved ones. #PAPDPROTECTSNYNJ #PAPD #PAPBA